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Providing microsuction for safe removal of wax/ debris from the ear canal.



Microsuction is the safest way to remove debris from the ear canal for two main reasons;

1. The Clinician can visualise the canal and the debris at all times using microscopic vision. This is unlike syringing or irrigation where the nurse has to switch between visualisation of the canal with a handheld otoscope and then use an irrigation instrument.

2. There is no use of water. Irrigation flushes the canal using water under controlled pressure. Any water hitting the drum during the treatment can cause pain. Microsuction removes wax using a gentle vacuum device. The end of the suction tube is visible and controlled at all times and so the risk of trauma or perforation is greatly reduced when using this method.


Blocked Ears

The canal can become blocked with wax, a foreign body (often the end of a cotton bud) or dry skin secondary to a skin condition. Micro suction will gently remove any of this debris leaving the canal clear and comfortable.


You may have been informed by your Gp that you have otitis exerna (an infection of the canal) and in all likelihood been prescribed eardrops. Microsuction will remove infective debris enabling the treatment to successfully reach the canal lining enabling more effective recovery.


Mastoid Cavity

If you have a mastoid cavity you will be aware that they can be stable for long periods of time and then suddenly cause problems as they become wet or blocked. Microsuction is the best and recommended treatment to remedy this and Katherine is very experienced in treating this type of condition .Although some cavities are self-cleaning many require regular microsuction to maintain stability.

Hearing Aid

The fact the hearing aid blocks the entrance to the canal means that the wax accumulates. When the wax touches the mould, the aid then produces feedback causing the whistling sound that many experience. Once the wax is removed under microsuction the feedback is eradicated.



Tinnitus is a troubling condition where a person can hear a noise for which there is no external source. Patients can experience whistling, drilling, hissing and bells amongst other sounds .

Tinnitus is related to damage within the delicate inner ear, often age related but also due to traumatic causes. Ear wax can cause the tinnitus to seem worse and removal of any debris from the canal can often help symptoms settle although there is no known cure for tinnitus.

Meneries Disease

This is a condition affecting the inner ear causing various unpleasant symptoms. These include vertigo, nausea, and tinnitus and hearing loss. As with vertigo, if you know you have Meniere’s disease then microsuction is preferable to removing wax than irrigation or syringing.


Perforated Eardrum (Tympanic Perforation)

The Tympanic Membrane is a thin elastic membrane which can be damaged fairly easily resulting in a hole in the Eardrum. The main causes are infection and/ or trauma. It is extremely important to care properly for your ear if you know the drum is perforated and syringing or irrigation of the canal is not suitable. Microsuction is the safe and recommended method and Katherine is experience and competent in treating this condition.

Cannot Tolerate Syringing/Irrigation?

Over the years many of my patients have undergone both microsuction and syringing. The vast majority prefer microsuction as it is quicker, more effective and thorough. It is a safer and a less messy process and easier to tolerate as there is no risk of water touching the drum.



This is a symptom rather than a condition in its own right. It is the sensation that you or the surrounding environment is spinning. Attacks can be sudden and severe and occur with no warning. If the symptoms are persistent or recurring you should seek advice from your Gp. If you have experience vertigo in the past and now require wax removal then microsuction would be preferable to irrigation as it is less likely to trigger an attack.

Effective Treatments

We provide effective treatment for conditions such as;

Blocked Ears - Wax/Foreign body
Infection - Recent Otitis Externa causing build-up of infective debris within the canal
Mastoid Cavity - Cavity clearance and maintenance
Hearing Aid - Whistling and feedback can be resolved by the removal of problematic wax


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