rochdale ear care clinic


Providing microsuction for safe removal of wax/ debris from the ear canal.

New Location: Face Medical Clinic, 15 Hornby St, Heywood, OL10 1AA


Microsuction is the safest and most successful procedure available for the removal of wax and debris from the Ear Canal. It is a skilled and specialised technique and should only be performed by an appropriately trained Health Professional. Mrs Katherine Scully was a Registered Nurse for over 27 years and much of her nursing career was within the ENT Speciality. The last 12 years were spent delivering microsuction clinics within a local NHS ENT Outpatients Department until she left the NHS in March 2020.

Effective treatments

We provide effective treatment for conditions such as;

• Blocked Ears – Wax that is occluding the ear canal

• Mastoid Cavity – Wax clearance of cavity

• Hearing Aid – Whistling and feedback can be resolved by the removal of problematic wax

Microsuction Suitability

Microsuction is suitable for patients who require wax clearance and have:

Perforated Ear Drum
Menierres Disease
Previous History of Ear Surgery
Cannot tolerate ear syringing or irrigation

rochdale ear care clinic
Healthcare Professional - Sr. Katherine Scully
rochdale ear care clinic
Before and after microsuction
rochdale ear care clinic
The in-depth explanation of the human ear
rochdale ear care clinic
The in-depth explanation of the ear canal