Providing microsuction for safe removal of wax/ debris from the ear canal.


Appointments are 30 minutes in duration but often the procedure itself can take just a few minutes. Every patient is different and some treatments last longer depending on several factors. Appointments cost £60.00.

Home Visits are not available.

Olive Oil

Lengthy use of olive oil is not advised prior to your appointment. If you have time and you remember, one drop of oil applied to the affected canal for two consecutive nights prior to your appointment will ease the removal of the wax. If, however, you forget or you just prefer not to use oil, it should not be a problem.

Access to the clinic

Rochdale Ear Care Clinic is now based within
Face Medical Clinic
15 Hornby St
OL10 1AA

There is free on street parking immediately in front of the clinic for a maximum of 40 mins. The clinic is next to the Heywood Civic Centre Car Park where free parking is available up to a maximum of 3 hours.

You will enter the clinic through the front door. There is one step up into the clinic reception area. The waiting area and treatment room are both on the ground floor. If you have any issues with mobility and feel the step may be a struggle you are very welcome to use the side door to come into clinic. This is accessed via the staff car park next to the clinic. Just let Katherine know when you book your appointment.

rochdale ear care clinic
Katherine Scully
rochdale ear care clinic
Before and after microsuction
rochdale ear care clinic
The in-depth explanation of the human ear
rochdale ear care clinic
The in-depth explanation of the ear canal